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Bogner Amps


Are you a rocker? If you’re a rocker and you’re looking for products that beat the rest, you are likely looking all over the web for news and reviews on various products. One of the most important items that you can get that will help your sound and your look is your amp. What sort of amp should you get? Where should you get it from?

A great, classic option for amps and related products is Bogner amplification. If you’re looking for items that look and sound amazing, Reinhold Bogner and his crew can help you rock harder and harder. Let’s check this great amp company out.


How did Bogner Amps get started?

Reinhold Bogner was raised in a rocker home, and taught the finer points of analog and amplification from his youth. His father (an electrical engineer) influenced him, his brain moved him, and he started at a young age with making his own amplifiers. He had enough money for a guitar, but couldn’t afford an amp – so he made one, using the materials in his father’s shop! Reinhold started to mess with amps and made them sound even better than the manufacturers did!

After awhile, locals in his small town in Germany started to ask Reinhold to fix and modify amps. He snuck into concerts until finally, he went to California to try and get his name out there. He went to a studio rental store, and demo’d his amps. The owner of the store, Andy Brauer, was incredibly impressed and added Reinhold to his team.

Here’s the cool part: this store was renting to all sorts of A-list musicians, and this became Reinhold’s big break, which resulted in hundreds of bands and artists buying and renting his custom-made amps. For example, the amp that Reinhold brought with him to his first meeting with Andy? It ended up being bought by Eddie Van Halen. That’s a huge break, don’t you think?

Bogner met his business partner, Jorg Dorschner, when they were boys in Ulm, Germany. They both ended up moving to Los Angeles around the same time, and, in 1989, started putting their heads together and created Bogner Amplification. Bogner is now one of the older amp companies in the country. It’s also respected as a solid global brand, and rockers from around the world are using Bogner amplifiers and other sound-related equipment.


Why should I consider a Bogner Amp?

Bogner amps are known for their amazing sound and great look. They fit right in with any vintage set up because they’ve got that old school look without sacrificing the quality of sound. Each design is unique and the sound is organic, colorful, and real, just like the world around you. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of sound that you want to get from your amp?

If you’re looking for an amp that is constant in quality and able to modified with a bit of knowledge, then a Bogner amp may be a great option for you and/or the other musicians in your group. Their mantra “boldly creative, uniquely inspiring, artfully innovative,” is infused into every single Bogner Amplification creation. If you want an amp that matches your creativity, you may want to consider adding a Bogner amp to your arsenal of sound equipment.


What customers think about

Bogner Amps

So, now that you’ve learned about the company, do you want to know what others think about Bogner Amps?  You want to know if these products are really a good choice for you and/or your band, so let’s check out what some satisfied rockers have to say about Bogner Amps.

“I bought this Bogner amp about a year ago and have had no regrets since. It is very clean and clear and the ability to add a little bit to it with the crunch switch which is nice. The distortion on the other channel is phenomenal. It also has great reverb and delay options. This amp is well worth it.”  – Chris K.

“This is one of the most beautiful musical amplifiers ever made, both visually and sonically. A very sparkling warm clean channel and a subtle sensual distortion channel. A very nice natural tube compression is realized with this amp. The recording playbacks from this amp are gorgeous. A very artistic and inspirational amp. Thanks Bogner and company.” – Cary N.

“This is one of the best amps I’ve ever heard. Great clean and incredible thick, warm gain channel. Thanks Bogner, it’s just amazing what you’ve done with the amp industry.” – Mike K.

Bogner amps constantly get five stars all around the internet. Will you join the thousands of rockers who enjoy the smooth sounds that come from Bogner amps? Check them out today and make the choice for yourself.


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